Record and perform routine or reactive hourly or time-based maintenance tasks on your equipment.

Customise and complete your planned maintenance system tasks in either time, hourly, or time/hourly intervals.  Track all routine preventative and unplanned maintenance and benefit from operational transparency to mitigate the risk of costly breakdowns and downtime. Store equipment data such as make, model, serial numbers and electronic manuals for all equipment onboard. Generate job lists, assign tasks to specific crew or departments and track spare parts.

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Record and perform routine or reactive hourly or time-based maintenance tasks on your equipment. Link manuals, invoices and key contacts to vessel equipment while also tracking spare parts.
Customise your own paperless logbook and utilise automation to streamline information flow. Track and monitor data such as tasks, crew hours, and fuel usage to optimise your vessels.
Elevate the safety of your operation with routine inspections and receive alerts for expiring and serviceable safety equipment.
Digitise and streamline operations with our paperless form/checklist builder. Build and customise your forms or use one of our templates.
Store and track all of your essential documentation, including your SMS, vessel certificates, standard operating procedures, and survey documents. Monitor all expiring and renewable documents with email reminders.
Customise reports to gain insight into how vessels and crew are functioning. This feature empowers companies to make better operational decisions based on what’s happening on the water.
Enhance health and safety and reduce risk in your operation with a comprehensive digital risk register as well as incident and accident reporting, H&S meetings and our dangerous goods register.
Support your most valuable assets, your crew. Track their training with our simplified matrix and ensure their certificates are digitally accessible and expires tracked to ensure they are compliant. Adjust visibility permissions based on crew roles.
Track and record the vital rest and working hours of your team by an individual or by a group. This provides masters and management with an overview to manage and reduce fatigue onboard.