The Sea-Flux Team

We are a proud New Zealand based company helping all marine businesses to streamline the efficiency of their vessels in their evolving industries. With a combined experience of over 35 years in a variety of marine industries, including Aquaculture, Fishing and the Luxury Yacht sector we understand the importance of having a safe and compliant work environment for all.


Managing Director

My early life gave me a fascination for the ocean and everything in it. Through my working life, I have experienced multiple maritime positions, but it is the Luxury Yacht industry where I felt most suited. Starting out on the deck of a few Superyachts, I got to use numerous international software systems, to manage all manners of maintenance, documentation, and on-board record keeping. What I found in common was a lack of consistency and most importantly, I needed to have access from anywhere.

Sea Flux was born, initially as a side project and to assist me with my own compliance workload as a First Officer. From a simple first version that was created on weekends to full Developer mode Version 2, it has taken 4 years to enjoy the simple, user-friendly software that many now enjoy working with. For myself, I get to use Sea Flux almost daily in my role as rotational Captain and therefore remain vigilant with industry changes and updated regulations.



My official Maritime career began as a fishing cadet, as I always loved fishing as a young person. As time passed, I ventured into various positions for numerous companies both in New Zealand and Australia. It was the Aquaculture industry, where I have been part of the rapid expansion, for the previous 25 years.

My position as Operations Manager for numerous companies, has given me experience with Surveyors, Maritime Officers along with the daily maintenance and compliance requirements for all vessels under my management.

I enjoy seeing the next generation of young seafarers emerge with their affinity to the digital era and know that Sea Flux is their tool for greater safety and compliance in their operation. I look forward with envy of the various career opportunities these young men and women have ahead of them.



I have always loved the sea, from a land point of view. Although I haven’t had an official seafaring career I have worked as cook/deckhand on a prawn boat in the Gulf of Carpentaria and have also been associated with the Aquaculture industry for many years. I have always loved travel and the experiences that brings. Currently working with the team and Sea Flux, gives me travel, interesting places, interesting people and a great product.


IT Developer

Ben is a senior software engineer with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

He loves work involving technical difficulty with creative expression where the user’s experience comes first. He loves the intersection between creative experience and technical difficulty. Ben thrives where creativity and problem solving meet.


Business Advisor

Phil has been involved with the Sea Flux business since late 2020 soon after being introduced to Tai, and the other Directors of the business.

With a 35-year background in IT, Phil has worked for a number of international IT businesses including senior management positions at Telecom (now Spark) and IBM where he was on the NZ leadership team and local executive.

Following his years with IBM Phil joined Systems Advisory Services (SASIT) as CEO, and for the subsequent 15 years grew the business by 500% and took that business into Australia and also into Asia.

Phil now shares his passion for business with a small number of early start-up companies, with Sea Flux Limited being the star performer.



Max has over 15 years of maritime experience, including sailing onboard vessels before coming ashore. His career ashore started with a Port Company, before working in Quality Assurance for an International Ship Management Company and then moving to New Zealand to work as Safety & Compliance Auditor for the Flag State Authority. His various maritime roles have developed a strong knowledge base focusing on the compliance requirements of management systems such as ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, ISM Code and MOSS Domestic Maritime Legislation within New Zealand.

The industry knowledge and expertise gained in his various roles led Max to start his business with HSE New Zealand in 2016. HSE New Zealand provide expert maritime consultancy, guidance and expertise across the Asia Pacific region. His role at HSE New Zealand sees him travelling regularly to complete c projects for some of the world’s biggest shipping companies.